Who We Are

You want your clients to see you as the expert you are. To do this, you must understand all the available opportunities for your clients to maximize their tax credit incentives, driving savings for their business. Tax incentives can be a valuable tool for client retention and new business development in the CPA's arsenal.

Alpharesults has assembled a team of professionals with the experience and specialized knowledge designed to help you maximize your client's tax credit and incentive opportunities. We work with CPAs and enable them to best serve their clients, from evaluation through data collection, analysis, and final approval to ensure they are matched with every credit and incentive they qualify for. Since our founding in 2002, we have helped CPAs deliver hundreds of millions in savings to their clients.

Our team of professionals does not perform tax return preparation and filing, attestation work, or other external audit functions; instead, we work hand in hand with CPA firms to deliver tax incentives to clients all over the country.

The Driving Force That Helps Our Clients Win

Our Mission

To create the leading incentives platform that connects and guides CPAs, Service Providers, and Businesses to valuable benefits that fuel growth and prosperity.

Our Vision

To harness the power of incentives.

Our Values

Devoted to our craft and the people we serve.

Steadfast in our integrity and passionate about stewardship.

Identifying tax credit savings is easier than ever.

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