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You want your clients to see you as the expert you are. To do this, you must understand all the available opportunities for your clients to maximize their tax credit incentives, driving savings for their business.

We know how “taxing” it can be to find the time to stay up to date on the ever-changing tax credit opportunities. Since 2002, Alpharesults has been the preferred tax credit partner for hundreds of CPA firms. Leveraging our expertise and years of experience in the tax incentive industry will help solidify your position as a forward-thinking expert with your client’s best interests at heart.

Services to Help Your Clients Win

The availability of state and federal tax credits is immense, and in many cases, determining which tax credits your clients can utilize can be a difficult task. Alpharesults' in-depth, consultative approach and 20 years of experience will ensure your clients maximize their credit opportunities. These are just some of the many credits we can help you with:

Federal Tax Credits

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Here's How It Works

Alpharesults helps you maximize your clients' tax savings by managing the entire life cycle of the tax incentive project, from discovery to delivery. 

Identify all tax incentive opportunities for the client.
Connect your client with the perfect person to get the work done.
Create an audit-ready tax incentive package that clearly identifies each key component of the calculation and supporting documentation.

Latest Client Success Stories

Since 2002, Alpharesults has supported over 1,000 CPAs to deliver real value to their clients through tax credits and incentives and we have successfully completed thousands of projects. Here are a few examples of the value CPAs delivered to their clients:

$760,000 secured for a group of hair salon locations
Employee Retention Credit
A commercial bakery qualified for $275,000 in tax savings.
Job Tax Credit
Franchise restaurant received over $807,000
Employee Retention Credit
A Consulting Group received over $153,000
Retraining Tax Credit
$304,000 secured for a container manufacturer.
Investment Tax Credit
A dermatology practice qualified for over $75,000 in tax savings.
Retraining Tax Credit

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