Georgia Port Activity Tax Credit Overview

The Georgia Port Activity Tax Credit (Credit Type Code 114) is a tax credit for a company that increases shipments through a Georgia port(such as Savannah or Brunswick). The Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) administers the program.
Key points to remember:
  • The company must hold title to the item (that is, their name must be on the bill of lading) when it is imported or exported through the port).
  • The tax credit provides a bonus on top of the Job Tax Credit or the Investment Tax Credit.
  • Right now you have up to five years of potential benefits to consider: three prior years, the current year, and plans for next year.

A situation that could qualify, for example, could be a European based carpet yarn manufacturer begins shipping its semi-finished yarn to their new plant in Dalton, GA to be finished for their customers.

In summary, the Port Activity Tax Credit can be an “icing on the cake” bonus, but it may be confusing to determine if qualifications have been met. Your clients may be planning expansions to use Georgia ports and may need your help in identifying their potential net after tax benefit of the credit. For details, click here.