Use Payroll Records to Find Tax Credits!

Believe it or not, your clients’ payroll systems contain key data to help you find them tax credits!  Whether they use an outside payroll provider or internal payroll software, it’s important to discuss this with them. For example, the Georgia Retraining Tax Credit and the Job Tax Credits in many states are dependent on details that can only be found in the payroll systems. Here are a few items to keep in mind regarding payroll systems and tax credits:

  • Employee Data – employee ID (not SSN), job title, pay rate, hire & termination date, state resident, location and Quarterly Georgia DOL-4 details.
  • Access to historical data – important for prior years and trend analysis.
  • Ability to download details to spreadsheets – Since each tax credit has its own unique requirements, it’s important to be able to analyze the data as needed.
  • Georgia payroll withholding taxes – Ask the outside payroll provider about their actual experience with utilizing tax credits against Georgia payroll withholding taxes (click here for the form and list of qualifying tax credits).

Many payroll companies offer sophisticated Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) that provide additional features that may be beneficial. For example, monthly headcount by location and analysis of employee transfers versus new hires are critical when your client has multiple locations throughout Georgia. Some locations may be in special Opportunity Zone or Military Zone tax credit locations.

Helping your clients understand how payroll helps with tax credits strengthens your client relationships!