Sellable Georgia Tax Credits

In case you didn’t know — Georgia has several sellable, transferable, or monetizable tax credits your clients may be able to utilize. These tax credits are typically used for entities or individuals with large Georgia income tax liabilities. So for tax planning, if you know the tax liability and filing deadlines, your client can buy the exact $ amount needed for the tax years needed.
Be careful though — these tax credits can get pretty complex, and many are hard to find. Often they are sold by brokers that have connections with the “producers” of the tax credits. The “producers” sell from an “inventory” of tax credits available for sale, or they may be bought on an exchange (click here for example). Look for these sellable Georgia tax credits:
  • Low Income Housing Credit (credit type code 109) – Used for financing the development of affordable rental housing for low-income households in Georgia
  • Historic Rehabilitation Credit (credit type code 121) – Rehabilitation of a certified structure or historic home in Georgia
  • Film Tax Credit (credit type code 122) – Produce films in Georgia. Starting July 1, 2017, there will be a new post-production film tax credit.
  • Land Conservation Credit (credit type code 124) – Federal conservation easement for land in Georgia.
  • Film Tax Credit for A Qualified Interactive Entertainment Production Company (credit type code 133) – Produce video games in Georgia

The “credit type code” listed will help with your tax planning analysis of prospective and existing clients. First, see if the client’s business can generate tax credits on their own (i.e., they retrained employees, added jobs, or invested in capital equipment). After you help them get those tax credits for their business, then fill in the remaining tax liability gap with the sellable Georgia tax credits. Good luck!