Healthcare: ICD-10 Update

According to the government’s CMS agency, there are less than 100 days before the ICD-10 mandate will begin on October 1, 2015 (see countdown page here ). To comply with this change, physician practices will need to upgrade software, change workflows, and retrain employees. Let your clients know that Georgia’s Retraining Tax Credit may be able to provide $$ to helpoffset the costs, time and effort for ICD-10.

Healthcare: ICD-10 Update

It was recently announced that the ICD-10 mandate has been moved one year to Oct. 1, 2015. Your healthcare clients should use this delay to continue staff education efforts, to improve their clinical documentation processes, and to build a strong foundation for process improvement and downstream strategic initiatives (many of these activities may qualify for Retraining Tax Credits in Georgia). Adoption of ICD-10 remains a question of “when,” not “if.” The Retraining Tax Credit can provide $$ to help offset the costs, time and effort for ICD-10 (for more information click here).

Healthcare — ICD-10 Update

Although ICD-10 will not be implemented until 2014, many EHR software vendors are starting to educate their users about the upcoming ICD-10 changes.

Physician practices are doing readiness assessments, IT reviews and workflow changes. Many of these activities may qualify for retraining tax credits in 2013.

Talk with your healthcare providers about their plans for ICD-10 and make sure they know that the retraining tax credit may help.



Healthcare — Delays Again

Some important healthcare program deadlines have been delayed again — here is a quick update:

HIPAA 5010: Was March 31,2012, now delayed until June 30, 2012 (click here)

ICD-10: Was October 1, 2013, now delayed until ??? “Health and Human Services will announce a new compliance date moving forward.” (click here)

Meaningful Use: CMS and ONC intends to finalize the Stage 2 rules by midyear 2012. Stage 2 will begin in 2014 (click here )