Help with Adding New Jobs

As the economy improves (hopefully!) and your clients start adding new jobs, they may want to utilize some beneficial “no-cost” offerings from the State of Georgia:

Work Ready. We met with Ann Sechrist, Director of Economic Development at Gwinnett Technical College. She described a no-cost service provided by the Technical College System of Georgia called Work Ready.   Companies can utilize this service to help find higher quality employees as well as get assistance with EEOC compliance. Job applicants with Work Ready certificates are pre-tested for math, reading and other core skills that companies require. Several other related services might also help your clients get Work Ready employees (click here).

Georgia Works. The Georgia Department of Labor has a program that provides companies with prospective employees at no cost for up to 6 weeks. The company and the prospective employee are be able to evaluate the best fit during this time period. For additional information about this and other related services, click here.