There are many tax credits available to companies doing business in Georgia as well as most other states. In many cases, even determining which tax credits that your company can utilize is a difficult task. Alpharesults will review your situation and recommend the appropriate tax credits to pursue.

If your company pays state income taxes, including those for pass-through entities, look for these tax credit activities:

  • Install/upgrade new systems and technologies – Retraining Tax Credits
  • Create jobs – Job Tax Credits
  • Invest in new equipment – Investment Tax Credits
  • Utilize in-state ports – Port Activity Tax Credits
  • For activities planned, current, and going back 3+ years in some cases

Our team of experts knows the detailed data collection, approval, and filing requirements. We work with your tax professional or CPA firm to understand your tax strategies, documentation, and filing requirements.

Alpharesults uses extensive industry experience and a formalized process to identify and substantiate tax credit opportunities throughout your company. Only a limited amount of time and effort is needed from your people and resources.