Georgia Retraining Tax Credit Overview

The Georgia Employer’s Credit for Approved Employee Retraining (Credit Type Code 102) is for training employees on new technologies. These technologies can include new software, modifications, upgrades, new modules, and in-house developed applications. In many cases training on new equipment, business process changes such as Lean initiatives, ISO-9000 and quality management programs may qualify.
Key Points to Remember:
  • The tax credit is for up to $1,250 per qualified employee. For example, $62,500 tax credit for 50 qualified employees trained on a new business wide ERP software ($1,250 X 50 = $62,500 tax credit)
  • 3 years of potential – last year, this year and plans for next year.
  • $$ benefits go to any company or pass-through equity owners that pays Georgia income taxes.
  • Administered by The Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG), and must be approved by the local technical college Vice President of Economic Development (Program details click here).
Don’t forget to discuss these activities with your client’s accounting, IT, HR, operations and engineering contacts. We’ve found that most Georgia companies will qualify for this credit, so make sure you ask!